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Wild Innovators

Quick Details

Have you ever wondered how scientists and engineers come up with ideas that help make our lives easier? They look toward nature, drawing inspiration from nature’s designs and adapting them into our world to solve human problems. This is what’s known as biomimicry, and it’s the foundation of some of our greatest engineering marvels.

During this camp, we will investigate how animals have adapted to survive and how those adaptations have inspired many inventions that we use today.

Participants will learn about biomimicry and the engineering design process so they can design their own inventions!

This camp is for children ages 10-14.


COST: $35/members, $40, non-members

We have limited capacity in our event room. To ensure we can accommodate as many participants as possible, we kindly ask parents to either refrain from attending with their children or purchase their own spot in the class.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]