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Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

  • Emergency Contact

  • Provide name, phone number and relationship.
  • Education

  • Work and Volunteer Experience

    Please list any paid or volunteer experience and skills that may be useful to the Aquarium.
  • Health, physical limitations, etc.
    Check all that apply.
    For participants 18 years and older. Note: Contact with animals is restricted and not guaranteed
  • Availability

    Volunteers are required to give a minimum of 4 hours (one shift) per week. Volunteers must commit to being available at least 4 consecutive months each year. Applications will only be accepted if minimum requirements are met.
  • I understand that the above information is confidential and will be used only by the Aquarium of Niagara unless otherwise stated. I understand that volunteer services will be provided to the Aquarium of Niagara with no monetary or material compensation. Volunteers are not considered employees of the Aquarium, and as such are not covered by Workers’ Compensation. Volunteers are held to the same high standards of conduct as employees and other rules and regulations as stated in the Volunteer Handbook. Volunteers are covered by Aquarium insurance while volunteering. Either party may cancel this agreement at any time following notice of the other party.
    Please indicate below which days and times you are available
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.