Support Your Aquarium of Niagara

The Aquarium of Niagara is a not-for-profit institution and our mission–that we fulfill every day–is to broaden the public’s awareness of aquatic ecosystems through innovative and stimulating exhibits, displays and educational and recreational programs that promote conservation and support research. Visit Your Aquarium. Enjoy Your Aquarium. Support Your Aquarium.
Why does your support matter? We are a not-for-profit organization and less than 2% of our operating costs come from government-based sources. The rest of our operating costs are covered through admission (this will link to the landing page under Plan Your Visit)gift shop sales, donations and sponsorships and grants.
Why should you support the Aquarium of Niagara?
This is an exciting time for the Aquarium of Niagara. For the first time in over 30 years the Aquarium is embarking on a multi-phased campaign of new exhibits, infrastructure and building renovation projects. These projects are vitally important as the Aquarium pursues its accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). All our capital campaign projects have been meticulously plotted with the assistance of the AZA in order to meet their high standards and remain an important educational resource in our community and throughout the United States.
Most of the sea lions and seals that reside at the Aquarium are rescued from perilous situations. This makes AZA accreditation a must as it will put the aquarium in line for increased eligibility for grants, open up access to other animals from other AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums and continue to teach and educate on marine life sustainability.


The new Humboldt Penguin exhibit is a 1,600 square-foot exhibit that will mimic the natural environment of these flightless birds and include a 10,000-gallon tank with above and below water viewing, terraced ledges plus lighting, air and water filtration.
The 400 square-foot classroom will offer opportunities to expand existing collaboration with higher education facilities. The classroom will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate education, conservation and ecology. The classroom space will also allow for animal encounters that will enhance visitor experience exponentially. The Aquarium of Niagara is one of only 20 institutions throughout the United States and Canada to feature the threatened Humboldt penguins and your support is essential to letting us keep our penguins right here in Western New York.
There are many exhibits and support spaces in need of development and updating to enable us to house such an exhibit. At these levels of sponsorship all donors will receive:
  • 20 VIP tickets for Opening Day of the exhibit
  • 15 admission passes to the Aquarium to use any time
    • Free or discounted educational programs
    • Discounts or reciprocity at 15 other museums and attractions
    • Discounts on party or event rentals
    • 10% discount on all gift-shop purchases
  • 25 free day passes
$15,000 “Adopt a Penguin Sponsor” (currently 12 available)
  • Become a proud penguin parent by adopting a penguin for 3 years and have the opportunity to:
  • Select the penguin you would like to adopt at the official “meet and greet”
  • Receive a framed penguin painting
  • Receive a Behind-the-Scenes tour of the exhibit for you and 14 of your closest friends
  • You or your company name included on the engraved penguin parent contribution wall
$25,000 “Education Laboratory” Sponsor
Space is needed to teach our aquarium visitors and educators. This unique space will also allow our penguins to rest comfortably while interacting with their human visitors.
  • Your/company name and/or logo visible to all who view the classroom
  • The company listed in our special sponsor section of the Aquarium’s website
  • Inclusion on advertising and press release materials regarding the capital campaign
  • 2 VIP animal encounters and behind the scenes tours
$50,000 “Official Aquarium Medic” Sponsor
In order to keep our animals safe there are times emergency medical care is needed. A designated state-of-the-art facility is planned to assist staff safely caring for our sick and injured animals. In addition, while bringing in new rescues into our collection they must be quarantined before engaging in their new environment.
  • Company name and/or logo on specialized medical/quarantine area
  • Your/company name and/or logo visible to all those who view the exhibit
  • The company listed in our special sponsor section of the Aquarium’s website
  • Inclusion on media regarding the capital campaign
  • 5 VIP animal encounters and behind-the-scenes tours
$50,000 “Aquatic Kitchen” Sponsor
  • Company name and/or logo on a special plaque as the Aquatic Kitchen sponsor
  • Your/company name and/or logo visible to all who view the kitchen
  • The company listed in our special sponsor section on the Aquarium of Niagara’s website
  • Inclusion on advertising and media materials regarding the capital campaign
  • 10 VIP animal encounters and behind the scenes tours
$100,000 “Name Your Exhibit” Sponsorship
This is our highest level of recognition; your organization will have official naming rights to one our new aquarium exhibits. Your generosity and support gives you the opportunity to display your company name prominently and incorporated into the space. In addition you will receive these benefits:
  • Company logo will be placed on all specialized marketing of the exhibit and will run alongside the official Aquarium of Niagara logo on all printed and digital media during the capital campaign
  • Your company logo prominently displayed throughout the exhibit
  • Company logo included on the home page of the Aquarium of Niagara website
  • All media materials will include your company’s logo pertaining to the exhibit
  • 20 VIP animal encounters and behind the scenes tours
  • Free rental of the Aquarium of Niagara for a company event
To find out more, discuss other opportunities or to give please contact our Development & Marketing department at 716-285-3575 or email [email protected]