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The Niagara Aquarium Foundation welcomes and encourages the conduct of research activities at the Aquarium of Niagara, both by outside researchers and Aquarium employees. The Foundation encourages potential researchers to initiate projects at the Aquarium, and wishes to support projects focused on topics as wide in range as possible. We will however give highest priority to projects which address topics close to the conservation and educational objectives of our institution.  We also reserve the right to grant or deny permission to conduct projects at out facility based on our judgment of the compatibility of proposed projects with the Aquarium’s other goals and activities.

In order to get a research project underway at the Aquarium of Niagara, applicants begin with the submission of a proposal as set forth in these guidelines. The proposed project will be reviewed by the Aquarium’s Director, Curator of Animal Care, Veterinarian, and the Research and Committee.  A single application will address all of these levels of review, and all parties involved in this oversight will make every effort to facilitate the course of paper work preparation and processing. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Curator of Animal Care for assistance in navigating the application process by email at [email protected].