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Jr. Vet: Sharks

Quick Details

Imagine caring for an animal that is known for their predatory bite. That’s exactly what veterinarians do when treating sharks! Is it true they have a skeleton but no bones? Do they really have a sixth, even a seventh and eighth sense? The ins and outs of sharks are truly fascinating, and you will find out that one of the fiercest of creatures requires careful attention from our vets.

This class includes a live shark dissection, and participants will be able to design their very own shark exhibit. This class is for children ages 8-12.

This is an in-person camp that takes place at the Aquarium.

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

WHEN: Thursday, April 1st, 1pm-4pm

COST: $35/members, $40, non-members

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have limited capacity in our event room. To ensure we can accommodate as many participants as possible, we kindly ask parents to either refrain from attending with their children or purchase their own spot in the class. Parents who want to remain at the Aquarium are welcome to explore our exhibits for the duration of the program.