Humboldt Penguins


Single female

Opus has arthritis and receives daily Assisi loop electromagnetic therapy for treatment, which increases circulation and has helped tremendously!

Bonded pair
DJ’s “real name” is Peruchito! Chile was the last chick hatched at the Aquarium in 2006!

Bonded pair
Lou and Araya are Chile’s parents! Araya loves herring and can eat herring as big as her head!

Bonded pair
Burgess is our most active bird and Tux is our most vocal bird, you can see this when Burgess is swimming in the pool and Tux loudly calls for her!

Experience a beak-to-nose encounter with our Humboldt penguins. Watch them waddle around, learn more about these fascinating Peruvian birds, and enjoy hands-on interaction!

During your Seal Encounter, you get a behind-the-scenes look at the care and training of our marine mammals and join the trainers on the beach to meet a seal.