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Fundraising Toolbox

Help us make a difference for aquatic life with the Aquarium’s Fundraising Toolbox

Interested in supporting your favorite center of conservation and education?

Here are 10 easy ways to fundraise for the Aquarium!


  1. Encourage everyone you know to sign up for Amazon Smile at and select the Niagara Aquarium Foundation
  2. Leave a plastic donation box at the counter of your favorite business for one month
  3. Host a raffle at your workplace for an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium
  4. Sell AON rubber bracelets to your friends, family, and coworkers (coming soon!)
  5. Personally invite people to attend our special events and fundraisers
  6. Go green! Collect bottles and cans to redeem at stores for extra cash
  7. Start a social media fundraiser for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries
  8. Enjoy sewing, knitting or jewelry making? Sell your crafts and dedicate a portion of your proceeds to the Aquarium
  9. Share links to Aquarium campaigns on social media platforms
  10. Host a pay for play trivia or game night

Contact the development office at [email protected] or by calling 716-285-3575 ext. 208 for more information.