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Fossil February

graphic promoting fossil February activities taking place February 20-25th

Join us during February Break for a week of fossil-themed festivities that are included with general admission. We’re partnering with Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Reserve to take you back in time!

Here are three ways to get involved:

1. Examine local fossil specimens during a special visit from our friends at Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Reserve.

Monday, February 20th and Saturday, February 25th

  • Compare species found in western NY hundreds of millions of years ago with their current-day ancestors found in our exhibits.
  • Explore the fossilized remains of ancient corals, snails, and crustacean-like animals and discover the diversity of life found in the bedrock under our feet. 

2. Learn from an Aquarium educator at our special, pop-up activity tables.

Penguins Through Time (Monday through Saturday, 10am-2pm)

  • Penguins have been traversing our oceans for millions of years, although prehistoric penguins may not have delighted us the way today’s species do. In fact, they were like no penguin alive today. Stop by this activity table to learn the mysteries of these ancient birds at our Fossil February celebration! 

Where The Dinosaurs Are! (Monday through Saturday, 10am-2pm)

  • You may have learned that dinosaurs are extinct, but this is not quite true. It may sound crazy, but dinosaurs are all around us- swimming in lakes and rivers, perching in trees, and running across the savannah. Don’t believe us? We will reveal the truth at our Fossil February celebration. 

 Where The Dinosaurs Went? (Tuesday through Friday only, 10am-2pm)

  • Dinosaurs lived in every environment, on every continent, everywhere in the world. Despite this, you will not find any in your backyard or local park. Why would that be? Why are there no dinosaurs, no pterosaurs, no giant ground sloths, or saber-toothed cats here in the North East? This activity table will share the secret to this mystery as part of our Fossil February celebration! 

3. Watch a special presentation or feeding 

Species Spotlight: Back in Time (Monday through Saturday, 3:00pm)

  • This week, we are taking you back in time and discussing the origins of our favorite aquatic animals, telling their story, and how they became the ones we all know and love in the present day. The species will change each day and highlight a range of animal life found at the Aquarium. 

Fossil Feed (Monday through Saturday, 1:30pm)

  • Many species can trace their ancestry back to before the time of the dinosaurs. What were they doing back then? How does it compare to now? Come and find out at our Fossil Feeding presentation to find out what our ancient species have had cooking for millions of years.