Education Field Trips

Touch Tank Program & Group Field Trips

Looking for an educational and fun outing for your class or school group? The Aquarium of Niagara is happy to accommodate organizations of all sizes!

  • Prices: Pre-school to grade 12 students $6 each
    Adults $8 Chaperones $8 (one free chaperone admitted with every 10 paid students)
  • Bus Driver Free

Group rate admission includes touch tank programming included with your discounted price. If you want, at no extra charge, we provide a scavenger hunt recommended for all grade levels. The hunt incorporates the Learning and Common Core Standards.
We’ll email you a plan that will be fun and educational for your entire class. When your class books time at the Aquarium it also includes one of our sea lion shows, as well as any public presentations. A schedule of daily activities can be found here.

Trainer Talks: Your entire group is joined by one of our Marine Mammal Trainers after the show and talks with you about our sea lions and what their jobs entail. As a keepsake souvenir, we take a photograph of your group with our Trainer and have the picture printed and ready before you leave.

1-25 People $24.99
26-50 people $34.99
51 and Over $44.99

Wet Labs

Come to the Aquarium and let us make your job easier! We fulfill Common Core and New York State Standards during our hands-on curricula. All wet labs are $150 for 25 students, $5 per additional student. Includes admission.

Tidal Tikes: Grades K-2

Observe some of the aquatic animals found in our touch tank, compare them to land animals and humans, and then use materials to design a solution to a human problem by mimicking how these animals find ways to meet their needs.

NYS Science Standards: LS1, and LS4

Common Core Standards: SL 1-3 and 8, W2, and L

Invertebrate Investigators: Grades 3-5

Explore the structures used by animals to respond to their surroundings, obtain energy, and survive. Using our touch tank invertebrates, students develop a model to describe how matter moves through an aquatic ecosystem.

NYS Science Standards: LS1 (1-2), LS4 (1)

Common Core Standards: SL 1-3, W2, and L

Ecosystem Exploration: Grades 6-8

Through observation and examination of some of our touch tank invertebrates, students discover how genetic variation, the ability to respond to stimuli, and resource availability impact populations of organisms in an ecosystem.

NYS Science Standards: LS1 (8), LS2 (1), LS3 (3), and LS4 (4)

Common Core Standards: SL 1-3, W2, and L

Conservation Crusaders: Grades 9-12

Students investigate the impact of human activities on a rocky tidal ecosystem and develop a conservation plan to help restore and protect aquatic ecosystems.

NYS Science Standards: LS2 (6, 7), LS4 (5)

Common Core Standards: SL (1, 4), W (1, 2, 8)

For reservations and additional information please contact:

Katherine Jones
Phone: (716) 285-3575 ext. 209
Email: [email protected]

Creating a Science Experience with Erie 1 Boces

Students are challenged with gathering information as professional scientists. Students utilize technology in order to observe the flora and fauna of the Aquarium to create or support a hypothesis using iPad technology. They make use of their findings to create a project or model to support their argument. Teachers facilitate the students throughout the process in order to enhance success. The teachers receive professional development on the NYS Science Standards in order to ensure future curriculum alignment. This project allows students a finished product and ownership of learning, thereby, creating a deeper understanding of the concepts. Your field trip also includes a Touch Tank!

Additional Fee Opportunities:

  • Squid Dissection – Students 12 years and older
  • Meet the Trainer Talks
  • Marine Mammal Enrichment – Students will learn about the importance of enrichment and design a toy for the marine mammals

Science Standards Covered

For reservations and additional information please contact:

Dan Wodarczak

Email: [email protected]

Watch the video below for additional information: