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Aquarium Day Camps

Spend the day with us and immerse yourself in fun! Our camps are jam-packed with opportunities to learn more about our world and the animals we share it with.

The goal of each camp is to provide participants with an amazing experience by incorporating themes that focus on environmental science topics, feature up-close animal interactions and plenty of hands-on learning.

Contact our Education Department at [email protected] or 716-285-357 x225.

Upcoming Camps:

Monday, December 30 – Art Splash!

Discover how marine life has inspired artists for centuries! Create your own aquatic art, and learn some of the science that goes along with the creation of these various art forms: gyotaku, bubble painting, and more. We will also spend time watching the aquarium animals to inspire your own masterpieces!

Monday, January 20 – Jr. Vet: Seals & Sea Lions

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between seals and sea lions? Or why they live here at the aquarium? Dive into this day camp to explore these topics and more! Come see how our seals and sea lions receive the best care through hands-on activities and behind the scenes looks. Learn how to give them medicine, try on a glove made of blubber and so much more! 

Monday, February 17 – Darkness Dwellers

Have you ever wondered what is lurking in the dark? It’s not all scary! Some animals prefer to live in the dark like squirrelfish and octopus, and some, like jellies, create swarms that depend on the lunar cycle. During this camp we will shine a light on animals that prefer the dark and investigate their unique adaptations to survive the darkness.

Friday, February 21 – Let it Glow!

Have you ever caught a lightning bug and watched it light up? This is called bioluminescence! Fireflies are not the only ones who do this; many ocean creatures create light, too! Whether it is to hunt for prey or simply to help them see in the deep, dark ocean, it’s very important. Come and learn about bioluminescence and make your own light, too!

Friday, March 20 – Legendary Creatures

Come take part in the myth, science, and entertainment of the legendary Loch Ness Monster, Megalodon and the Kraken! These creatures have inspired terror, awe and discovery for generations. We will explore how these legends of the deep shaped our understanding of the deepest depths of our oceans, and reveal the discoveries made in the search for answers about these animals. Join us to learn more about animal legends of the past, present and myth.

Friday, April 10 – Jr. Vet: Penguins

Have you ever seen a penguin at the doctor’s office? Probably not! So how do we make sure they are happy and healthy? Come join us for a day of hands-on learning to find out how we care for our colony of Humboldt penguins; from beak to toes, and everything in between! Explore a day in the life of our keepers and veterinarians here at the Aquarium of Niagara.

Tuesday, April 14 – Hatch the Facts

Eggs are so amazing that most animals on the planet start life in a shell! From fish eggs to mammalian eggs, we will explore the diversity and special adaptations of egg-laying. Participants will have the chance to meet some resident egg producers and find out how having eggs even shapes parent behavior! Come learn the facts behind these power-packed life-starters.

Friday, May 22 – Let’s Get Wet!

We all know water has many different uses, but why is it so important to our lives? We will break down water and discuss why it can exist in different forms and its importance for all living things. Make sure to bring a change of clothes! You’re bound to get a little wet as we dive into all things WATER!!

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