Aquarium Day Camps

Spend the day with us and immerse yourself in fun! Our camps are jam-packed with opportunities to learn more about our world and the animals we share it with.

The goal of each camp is to provide participants with an amazing experience by incorporating themes that focus on environmental science topics, feature up-close animal interactions and plenty of hands-on learning.

Contact our Education Department at [email protected] or 716-285-357 x225.

Upcoming Camps:

Friday, October 11 – Water is Life! – registration available now! (see below)

Why is water so important to our lives? We will break water down on the molecular level and discuss why its existence as a gas, liquid, and solid is so important to us and other living creatures. Expect to get a little wet as we explore the amazing properties of H20, and visit the water resources we have in our own backyard.

Monday, November 11 – Dinos-N-More – registration available now! (see below)

It can be hard to imagine an animal more pre-historic than a dinosaur, but there is no need to imagine! We will meet some remnants of those ancient animals and explore why they are so successful at surviving. Activities will include investigating fossils and discussing extinction and its causes. This camp is sure to be a blast – from the past!

Wednesday, November 27 – Jr. Vet Sharks – registration available now! (see below)

Imagine caring for an animal that is known for their predatory bite. That’s exactly what veterinarians do when treating sharks! We will explore how to keep these top predators healthy by observing feedings, through hands-on activities with teeth and jaws, and meeting a new generation of shark. You will find out that one of the fiercest of creatures requires careful attention.

Monday, December 30 – Art Splash! – registration available November 27

Discover how marine life has inspired artists for centuries! Create your own aquatic art, and learn some of the science that goes along with the creation of these various art forms: gyotaku, bubble painting, and more. We will also spend time watching the aquarium animals to inspire your own masterpieces!

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