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Valentine’s Day Animal Adoption Now Available!

Love is in the air! This year’s Lovebirds symbolic animal adoption package is better than ever.

Adopt your favorite penguin pair and receive:

  • 2 adorable plush penguins with colored wing bands
  • 2 packs of custom Lovebirds chocolate-covered Oreos
  • 2 sets of ID cards and adoption certificates
  • 2 photos of the pair

…AND a penguin painting!

At just $75 (including shipping), it’s easy to LOVE this deal!

a penguin swimming behind aquaparent symbolic animal adoption items.

Waddle over to the link below and claim your adoption package today!



Meet Our Rescued Marine Mammals

The Aquarium of Niagara happily opens its doors to rescued marine mammals with all conditions from blindness to chronic seizures to missing flippers. Our mission is to give them a fulfilled second chance at life, while educating the public about the plights aquatic animals face and how we can all work together to help.

Meet our Mammals>>

Support our rescued marine mammals!