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Theme: Marine Life – The Spineless Side

Dates: The second Tuesday of each month, September-May

Time: 10:30-11:30am – K-3rd grades and 4th-6th­ grades
11:30am-12:30pm – 7th-12th grades



K-12: $12 per class
Adults: $6 per class

K-12: $10 per class
Adults: $5 per class


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Cancellation Policy: Full payment is due upon booking. There are no refunds for any programs unless we must cancel the program. If you need to cancel your reservation and you do so more than 24 hours in advance of the program date, we will hold your payment as credit for a future program as long as it is within that school year. If you cancel within 24 hours of the program date or you do not show up for the program, you will not be refunded and payment will not be transferred to another date.

*Please note that we are a science based institution and will touch on scientific themes such as evolution.


September 12th, 2017 – Who Are You Calling Spineless? – Students will be introduced to the scientific classification, or taxonomy, of the organisms found within our oceans. We will also introduce them to the differences between vertebrate and invertebrate animals, while keeping this theme ongoing for the future classes.


October 10th, 2017 – The Fuzzy Side of the Sea – Ever wonder how animals that breathe air can live the majority of their lives in the water? Students will get a better understanding of the marvelous marine mammals found throughout the oceans and how they are able to adapt to their environment.


November 14th, 2017 – Scaly Situations – Fish and birds and reptiles, oh my! Students will learn the differences between penguins and other sea birds, how sharks and fish are related, and how reptiles were the first animals to live on land.

  • Grades 7-12 will perform a fish dissection to see the difference between a male and female fish, as well as the difference between a capelin and herring


December 12th, 2017 – In One Pore and out the Other – Do all sponges wear square pants? Students will learn all about the phylum porifera, otherwise known as sponges. They will learn what makes a sponge an animal and how much water they are able to filter throughout their lives. You won’t catch these sponges with jellyfish nets!


January 9th, 2018 – No Bones About ‘Em – Is coral a plant? Do sea jellies have brains? What exactly is a sea anemone? All of these questions and more will be answered during this class on cnidarians!

  • Grades 7-12 will perform a sea anemone dissection


February 13th, 2018 – Under the Glass – Did you know that there are animals in the ocean that we are unable to see? Come learn about the microscopic bryozoan and how such tiny animals can survive in such a vast ocean!

  • Grades 7-12 will particpate in a microscope lab


March 13th, 2018 – The Shelled Life – True or false: an octopus is able to make its skin change color, pattern, and texture to blend in with its environment? If you come to this class on mollusks, you’ll find out the answer to this and many other questions on this large phylum of animals!

  • Grades 7-12 will perform a squid dissection


April 10th, 2018 – Only in the Ocean – What is a sea urchin? Can sea stars have more than five arms? Students will learn all about echinoderms in this class and find out why they are so unique to other invertebrates!

  • Grades 7-12 will perform a sea star dissection


May 8th, 2018 – Armored Arthropods – Find out why a horseshoe crab isn’t a true crab in this class all about arthropods! We’ll be taking a closer look at some resident crustaceans in our touch tank and discussing their similarities and differences with other ocean animals.


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