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The Aquarium of Niagara is committed to education and we can make your job as a teacher, easier. If you are unable to bring your students in for fun, hands-on learning experiences then we will bring them to you!
Traveling Touch Tank -
Our Traveling Touch Tank program is suitable for all ages. Choose up to five (5) of our Ambassador Animals (see list below) and we will bring the animals to your classroom. After a brief lesson the children will be able to touch the animals using a gentle two finger touch. After students interact with the animals, our educator will present a few incredible animal artifacts that children will be able to hold and feel.
Price - $175.00 * per day
For the safety of our animals, we are able to see up to 80 participants per day which may be broken down into no more than 5-6 presentations.
Animal Tales -
If you happen to have a younger class interested in an outreach program, our staff highly recommends our Animal Tales program. In this program one of our educators will bring one (1) ambassador animal of your choice (see list below) along with a storybook about that animal. After a short story, your class can meet and interact with the starring animal of the book.
Price - $65.00* per presentation
For multiple same-day presentations, prices will reflect a 10% discount off of your total. For the safety of our animals, we are able to see up to 80 participants per day which may be broken down into no more than 5-6 presentations.
*If your location exceeds a drive of 1 or more hours a distance fee of $25.00 will be added to the price of your program
 Our Ambassador Animals include:
  • North American Lobster
  • North American Horseshoe Crab
  • European Shore Crab
  • Common Spider Crab
  • Flat clawed Hermit Crab
  • Green Sea Urchin
  • Channeled Whelk
  • Eastern Oyster
  • Blue Mussel
  • Cherrystone Clam
Squid Dissection -
Have you ever wondered what an inside of a squid looks like? Or how you can write with squid ink? Well look no further with our new program you can now learn that and more. Squid and their close relatives are some of the unusual creatures explored during this in-depth class.  Students will learn proper lab procedure while they wrestle with the tentacles of a squid in this interactive, hands-on dissection.
Price: $200*
This program can service up to 40 students at a time. Classes who have over 20 students will be asked for the students to be split into groups.
After-school programs (any program beginning after 2:30 pm) are $230 for a single class, $320 for two classes.
For reservations and additional information please contact:
Katherine Jones
Educator & Coordinator of Outreach Programming
Phone: (716) 285-3575 ext. 209

In-house Touch Tank Program and Group Field Trips

Looking for an educational and fun outing for your class or school group? The Aquarium of Niagara is happy to accommodate organizations of all sizes!
  • Pre-school to grade 12 students $4.25 each
  • Adults $6.50
  • Chaperones $6.50 (one free Chaperone admitted with every 10 paid students)
  • Bus Driver FREE
Group rate admission includes touch tank programming included with your discounted price. If you want, at no extra charge, we will provide a Scavenger Hunt recommended for all grade levels. The hunt will incorporate the Learning and Common Core Standards.
We'll email you a plan that will be fun and educational for your entire class. When your class books time at the Aquarium it also includes one of our sea lion shows, as well as any public presentations. A schedule of daily activities can be found here.
Many school-age children are curious about our trainers and what they do and how they work with our animals. For just $20, your entire group will be joined by one of our Marine Mammal Trainers after the show and talk with you about our sea lions and what their jobs entail. As a keepsake souvenir we will take a photograph of your group with our Trainer and have the picture printed and ready before you leave.
For more information or to schedule a field trip to the Aquarium of Niagara, please contact Autumn Syracuse at (716)285-3575 x225 or at

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