Open 9:00AM Daily

Last admission at 4:30PM

Building closes at 5:00PM

Daily Schedule at the Aquarium

September 6th, 2016 - May 26th, 2017
Aquarium opens 7 days a week at 9:00 AM.
Closes at 5:00 PM - Doors lock at 4:30 PM
Daily Schedule
Time                              Activity
10:00am                       Penguin Feeding
10:30am                       Rescue Harbor Seal Presentation
11:00am                       Sea Lion Show
11:30am                       Shark/Tidal Pool Feeding - alternating days
1:00pm                         Sea Lion Show
2:30pm                         Rescue Harbor Seal Presentation
3:00pm                         Penguin Feeding
3:30pm                         Sea Lion Show
4:30pm                         Rescue Harbor Seal Presentation
*Summer Programming begins Saturday, May 27th
*Aquarium closed Thanksgiving and Christmas
Penguin Feeding Presentation
Stop by our colony of Peruvian Penguins during their scheduled feeding time and learn more about these flightless birds. Join one of our Aquarists to learn more about their unique personalities, husbandry care at the Aquarium and conservation efforts to protect penguin populations in the wild.
Shark Feeding
Every other day there is a shark feeding
Visit with our Aquarists at our 10,000-gallon shark exhibit to learn more about our resident sharks and their tank mates. Observe the animals being fed by an Aquarist while learning more about shark conservation efforts, husbandry and how you can help protect their future.
Tidal Pool Feeding
Every other day there is a tidal pool feeding.
Join one of our Aquarists as s/he feeds our tidal pool inhabitants. Learn how these amazing animals are able to adapt to the harsh conditions found along shores and tidal areas. During the feed you have an opportunity to interact with the Aquarist giving our visitors a unique experience.
Sea Lion Show: Sea Lion Stories
Embark on a special look at an amazing species, the California sea lion. Our trainers will share the success stories of our rescued marine mammals as well as insight on this incredible species. "Sea Lion Stories" demonstrate our true commitment for our beautiful family of marine mammals and even more you will see our trainers swim with the sea lions, we are the only institute in the Northeast that features this unique feat.
Sea Lion Show: Care at the Aquarium
How do seals live in the wild? What skills and behaviors do they call upon to survive? This and more is covered while you see our sea lions have fun demonstrating what they do do best.
Rescue Harbor: Seal Presentation
Meet the Aquarium's harbor seals and grey seals and learn rescue, rehabilitation and release efforts that promote the conservation of marine wildlife.

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