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Aquarium's Operating Budget

The Aquarium houses over 50 species of animals and they consume over 3,000 pounds of Lake Smelt and Herring a year for their dietary needs. The health, nutrition and well being of our living collection is the most important thing we do and it takes a lot of people, dedication, supplies and money to keep the Aquarium as a premier destination for tourists, educators and scientists.
For example, we're an inland aquarium and that means we have to manufacture our own sea water for each tank; most of our marine mammals are rescue animals that cannot be released back into the wild and have extra-ordinary needs beyond food, medical, training and skills; the Aquarium hosted over 9,000 students and educators for hands-on experiences; we're one of only 10 aquariums in the entire US to feature Gray seals and we're one of only 20 institutions in North America to feature the threatened Humboldt penguins.
Less than 2 percent of our funding comes from government-based sources. All the rest comes from Aquarium admission, gift-shop sales, excursions and generous support from people like you.
To help our find out more information please contact our development and marketing department by calling 716-286-9381 or emailing

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