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annual appeal - support rescued marine mammals

For animals like Stryker, the Aquarium of Niagara is proud to provide a forever home.


Will you help give Stryker and our other rescue animals a second chance at life by donating?


The Aquarium of Niagara is home to 11 unique marine mammals all of which are non-releasable. Each one of their stories is unique, like Medusa who was blind from cataracts at just 3 months old, or Mia who suffers from chronic seizures.

                     Medusa                                                                    Mia


Your gift will provide the quality food, medical care, and housing that allows these animals to inspire and educate the public with their amazing stories!

The Aquarium of Niagara does not use professional fundraising companies. Instead, we personally come to you with the promise that each and every dollar you donate will go directly to the care of our marine mammals. It cost $25,000 a year per marine mammal, a $100 gift will provide 10 days of meals for one rescued marine mammal!


We accept and care for animals no matter their aliment; from blindness to seizures to missing flippers, we care for them all. It is our mission to provide a loving and happy home for these marine mammals who were given a second chance at life.


Thank you for taking action and donating today and providing a forever home for Stryker and all of the sea lions and seals entrusted to our care. Your contribution makes it possible!

Visit here to learn all our rescued marine mammal's amazing stories! 

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